Clubs with which the Rotary Club of Waikiki has special agreements

  • Edogawa-Chuo (D2580)
  • Hitachi South (D2820)
  • Kaohsiung Central (D3510)
  • Nagoya West (D2760)
  • Okayama South (D2690)
  • Royal Hua Hin
  • Osaka Hirano (D2660)
  • Osaka Shirokita (D2660)
  • Tokyo Asakusa (D2580)
  • Tokyo Edogawa Chuo
  • Yokohama (D2590)

Okayama South Area Club

Our sister club relationship with the Okayama South Area was established 15 years ago.

Since then, their members have visited our club 5 times with latest visit on February 9th, 2005. Okayama is located about one hour south of Osaka by train. The Okayama South Area Club boasts 153 members

For more information on Sisters clubs, please contact one of our International Club Liaison Officers.