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April 1, 2020 @ 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm
Waikiki Prince, The 100 Sails Restaurant — Naio Room, 3rd floor
100 Holomoana Street
HI 96815 USA
36.00 free parking
Linda Collard, Executive Secretary
Stolen Dreams

Julie Sormark - Author Stolen Dreams – A Manchurian Legacy,  is a historical biography about her grandfather who lived and worked in Harbin in Manchuria, China for 42 years from 1898 to 1940.  It talks about China and its surrounding powers, Russia and Japan, and how history impacted my grandfather, his business and his family.  I’ve attached the front and back covers of the book.

Julie Sormark has worked for 38 years in the field of English education as a second language and has been training teachers for twenty seven years. She has published over 50 books in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. With her many years of teaching experience she developed a pronunciation method, Pronunciation Rhythm Control Method (PRCM), and hence, has been focusing her teachings on pronunciation for the last fifteen years. PRCM is a unique and dramatically effective teaching tool for instructors and students to improve their English pronunciation and listening skills. It is a method which teaches the rhythm of the English language as well as sounds that are particularly difficult for second language learners.

Throughout her professional career she has taught thousands of instructors on how to effectively teach English pronunciation to students. Currently, this teaching method is being used in Japan at the Peppy Kids Club. She continues to train teachers in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. The institutions which have implemented her method have become some of the most sought after programs as PRCM has proven its efficiency.