March 13, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Prince Waikiki
100 Holomoana St
HI 96815
$36.00 includes free parking
Linda Collard, Executive Director

The students from Taiwan, Taiwan, are honored to participate in the 2019 Honolulu festival. We hope that through the participation of the art festival, friends around the world will be able to listen to the moving ancient rumors of Taiwan's Aboriginal people. In addition, it is expected that students will learn about the historical background of Hawaii and discover and understand the culture of different countries in the exchange of interactions.

Director Tanaka said that attending the art festival has been a dream in the children's heart. Every child screamed loudly when he learned that he could come to Hawaii. Director Tien followed the team to dream, and also to sing the hope of the children at the Honolulu festival. And in order to be able to perform better during Hawaii, the team is more of a day-to-night practice. Today, I will be able to live on tv with the song of the ancient folk rumors. It will definitely be the most memorable day for the children and children of wu tam.

Vo is a primary school for Aboriginal people. There are currently three school districts, respectively, vo school district, peace school and poor school district. The majority of school students are row students, and most of them come from the economically disadvantaged and kak families. At The Honolulu festival in the year, the poor team is a group of small flames with a sense of stupidity, ignorance, and infinite enthusiasm. They are in the big house of big, with cultural pay, to inherit as a furnace, and sing out. Like a curl smoke, such as a rustic Cuba. It is a beautiful thing to sing the row. It is expected to sing the beautiful culture of the bay with a touching song, like a rainbow of rainbow.

The President of the Taiwan people's center of Hawaii, lu wah, said two years ago and the 24 rotary clubs in Hawaii.
My friend came to wuhan to do international cooperation. When he co-donated 3800 million to the small construction books of wu tam, the donation was made by the Hawaii International Rotary Club 5000, Taipei International Rotary 3480 Area, Kaohsiung International Rotary 3510 Co-JV donation. This year, I am also grateful to the Kaohsiung District Rotary Club for donating 200 million dollars. Also because of the Hawaiian Rotary Club friends
The song and dance of the rainbow ancient rumor team in vo, Wuhan, made it possible to make this journey.
In Hawaii, there will be Taiwanese folks and rotary.
Hospitality and assistance from social friends.

Invite folks to see the rainbow in vo, VO
The show time of the ancient rumors team
Saturday, March 11:55-12:10th at 11:55-12:10 noon at the central stage of the convention center.
March 10:05-10:20th Sunday 10:05-10:20 am Waikiki beach walk stage


Chia-Ping Rainbow Dance Troupe

POC: Nora Chen