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November 18, 2015 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Pacific Beach Hotel
2490 Kalakaua Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815
Linda Collard, EX. DIR

Anita Clingerman in the Manager of Tripler Army Hospital's Fisher House I and Fisher House II.

She has been married for 39 years to her husband Westley for 39 years.  She has3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Westley works at Tripler Army Hospital.  He is also Tripler's Santa which makes Anita Mrs. Clause.

She started her career in housekeeping at Tripler 21 years ago.  She worked at Halekoa and then moved to Tripler Fisher House 9 years ago as the Assistant Manager.  She has been the manager for the past two years.

She comes from a military.  Her Father, retired Navy, her brothers Air Force and Army and her husband Navy,

Many of her family members  are Polynesian performers.  She has connections and often uses them to bring a little respite into the lives of the Fisher House families.


Overview:  The Tripler Fisher House is a “home away from home” for families and patients receiving medical care at Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI.  Families served are from the Pacific area, mainly Korea, Japan, Okinawa, and Guam.  Active duty and retired persons from all services are helped in their time of need.  The Fisher House is nestled on a hillside north of the hospital half a mile.

Description:  The house is a comfortably furnished home donated by Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher of New York.  Our house is designed to give 7 families a room with bath included, two of which are handicapped accessible.  It also features a common kitchen, laundry room, spacious dining room and inviting living room with a library and toys for children.  Tripler Fisher House is a temporary residence and not a treatment facility, hospice or counseling center.

Eligibility and Cost: Tripler Fisher House helps retired and active duty personnel from all services who are stationed off-island.  The cost is $10.00 per night for a family or individual.  A family’s stay at the Fisher House will vary in length; therefore, we do not take reservations because of the uncertainty of departure dates.  There is a waiting list of 2-4 weeks.  Upon arrival at Tripler Army Medical Center contact the Social Services Department at 433-6606, or ask your Liaison Officer.  Liaison numbers are as follows: Air Force 433-6775, Coast Guard 433-6028, Navy 433-9608, Marines 433-6614, Army 433-6789.  Liaison office fax (808) 433-4330.  You can also call the manager, John L. Ost, at (808) 433-1291 ext. 28; fax number (808) 433-3619; or email

Volunteers:  Tripler Fisher House has a full-time manager, but depends on volunteers and their support to enhance daily operations.  All the military on Oahu support the Tripler Fisher House with many acts of kindness and generosity, which are greatly appreciated by those away from their personal support system.  Call John L. Ost at 433-1291 ext.28.

Donations:  The Tripler Fisher House is run with Donations and Non-Appropriated Funds. Until October 1, 1999, we received support from the hospital with housekeeping, yard maintenance, and repairs through appropriated money. Congress passed legislation which eliminated that funding and we are paying our way and depending more than ever on donations. We are very grateful for the support we receive through the generosity of Wives' Clubs, Military Organizations and private individuals. We could not help our families without their generous giving which is a fine example of military families helping military families. There are 26 Fisher Houses and each works hard to carry its share of the financial burden through fund raising efforts of its own. Room fees, if paid in full, raise $25,500 each year, but they estimate that it costs about $100,000 plus to run a single house for a year. For anyone interested in helping, checks should be made out to Tripler Fisher House and sent to the address above to directly benefit the Tripler Fisher House.