February 12, 2020 @ 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm
Waikiki Prince, The 100 Sails Restaurant — Naio Room, 3rd floor
100 Holomoana Street
HI 96815 USA
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Linda Collard, Executive Secretary
Weekly Rotary meeting - Bob & Utu McDermott @ Waikiki Prince, The 100 Sails Restaurant — Naio Room, 3rd floor

State Representative Bob and Mrs. Utufa’asili (Utu) McDermott were named Parents of the Year 2019 in the Civic Leadership category in a ceremony at The Washington Times newspaper in Washington, DC Tuesday evening. Representative McDermott, who is in his seventh term in the Hawaii State Legislature, and Mrs. McDermott were honored in a citation that read:

“Matriculating from the Marines as a Captain after the first Gulf war, the Parents of three children decided to move back of Hawaii. . They also rescued five more children from abusive and drug-abuse situations, bringing their brood to eight. ‘Our children are all bi-racial, and my wife and I are, so they fit in,’ he said. Today, they are blessed with eight grandchildren and growing. He has been vigilant in protecting the residents of the Ewa District, preventing an objectionable sexual lifestyles program for 10-year-olds that was proposed for public schools in violation of parental rights. Mrs. McDermott serves in two hospitals, applying her training as a Master of Pastoral Theology, to comfort the dying. She is the spiritual backbone of the family, ensuring regular church attendance and leading the adult ministry at her parish. Adopting children and continual service in the public sphere is their way to return blessings from God. In giving back, they are bright beacons of light, shining by example, for their family and community.”

Eight couples were honored Wednesday, July 24 at The Washington Times as National Parents of the Year for Parents’ Day 2019.