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August 21, 2013 @ 10:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Pacific Beach Hotel
2490 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815
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Linda Collard, Executive Director


Skylar, Make-a-Wish Foundation

Due to her recent lupus diagnosis, Skylar must wear a hat at all times, even while indoors. Her elementary school even made a special uniform exception for her to wear a hat in class while following her medical protocol. It was at this point Skylar’s idea light-bulb switched on.

Despite being diagnosed with three life-threatening medical conditions, Skylar continues to be an outgoing, dynamic, and big-hearted young girl. In her short 11 years, she has endured countless extended stays in different hospitals, medical procedures and tests. Even while facing these overwhelming obstacles, she has captured the hearts and minds of her doctors, nurses and classmates alike with her fearless attitude and thousand-watt smile.

When Skylar had to start wearing hats at all times, she also started to think big. What are the benefits of sun safety? How could she change its perception within our community and for kids everywhere? The answer was simple. When it came time for her wish, instead of taking the trip of a lifetime or meeting her favorite celebrity, 11-year old Skylar decided to give her wish away. “I wish to design a fashionable sun-safe hat for kids!”

The Make-A-Wish® Hawaii team got started on this unique wish right away by partnering with many local businesses and professional groups to bring Skylar’s wish to soaring heights. Skylar not only designed a hat – she created a sun-safety informational video for other kids, developed a logo and name for her hats, met with a designer to dream up hat designs and presented her work to the community.

Honolulu got its first peek of Skylar’s creations at a high-fashion runway show exhibiting the fanciful hat designs she created. Then, on April 29 - World Wish Day – Skylar was surprised with a presentation in front of her entire school! The HiSky sun-safe hats she developed had been produced and were ready to wear. That day Skylar was able to present her project to all of her classmates and give each and every one of them a sun-safe hat.

Being the director behind the many components of her wish project has been a source of constant excitement and creative expression for Skylar. Creating fashionable, sun-safe hats and educating other kids in Hawaii about the benefits of sun safety has become a real passion for her. Not only has she made a footprint in the Honolulu community, she has touched the lives of so many different people with her vibrant and self-less character.

Skylar’s wish was certainly unprecedented for Make-A-Wish Hawaii, as this was the first “I wish to give” wish. “Now, everybody gets to wear one [a hat] and it’s not an exception just for me. I like that everyone can wear one now,” says Skylar. With this in mind, it’s evident that Skylar is a prime example that when sharing the power of a wish, Sky definitely is the limit.

Skylar’s wish was only a launching pad as she will continue her work to educate children and communities about the importance of sun-safety.

Special thanks: Enactus and Hawaii Pacific University, The SIFE Team at Hawaii Pacific University, RevoluSun, First Hawaiian Bank, Maryknoll School, Made in Hawaii Enterprises, Marcus Production Premiere, Small Business Planning Hawaii, The Green Apple LLC, Trump International Hotel Waikiki, Wall-to-Wall Stuios, Inc., Hawaii Fashion Incubator, Tracy Wright-Corvo,

The support that Skylar received from all her classmates was amazing. It was the best example of "pay it forward" that I've ever seen.”

I didn't really want to do anything for myself - Skylar