Upcoming projects 2018-2019

Completed projects 2018-2019

Dictionary project - Kapalama Elementary School

September 13, 2018

It’s always a great day when we can share the gift of a dictionary to all third grade students and teachers at Kapalama Elementary School. Over 100 dictionaries were given to excited students and teachers.

Our volunteers Patti M, Nora, Paul, Jim, Bob and Gloria presented the dictionaries to the students, gave a brief lesson on the use of this amazing learning tool, looked up words, reviewed the table of contents and reviewed other sections of the dictionary. It was a great day and we all left with smiling faces.

A dictionary is a very important tool for anyone who is learning a new language. ... find the English translation of a word in your language. check the spelling of a word. check the plural of a noun or past tense of a verb. find out other grammatical information about a word.

Dictionary project - Navy Hale Keiki School

September 8, 2018

Rotarians Patti Mitchell and Dave Livingston presented dictionaries to the third grade students and teachers at Navy Hale Keiki School in support of our military families. They shared a brief lesson on the importance of using a dictionary, a review of all the many things that can be found in this special edition of the Students Dictionary.

A dictionary is important as a quick reference book and a great learning tool.

Dictionary project - Waikiki Elementary School

September 5, 2018

The Rotary Club of Waikiki recently donated over 100 dictionaries to third grade students and teachers at Waikiki Elementary School. Rotarians Chuck, Kathryn, Jacob, Jade, Stephen, Dave, Pam, Patti and Gloria provided a brief lesson on the importance of using a dictionary; they looked up words, reviewed information on states and countries, the multiplication tables and so much more. The students were overwhelmed to receive their gift from the Rotary Club of Waikiki.

A dictionary is a compilation of words ranging from letters A-Z. When reading or writing an article, deciphering a word or phrase, the use of a dictionary could be of great help. Primarily, its purpose is to give meanings to words. However, there are many advantages of using a dictionary:

  • Right pronunciation. Through the aid of a dictionary, you can check out a word’s right utterance. For that it will assist you in the right pronunciation of words
  • Which part of speech. It could inform you as to which part of speech does a certain word belong. May it be a verb, noun, adjective or a combination of these three? One more thing, it could also be a guide as to how should a particular word be used.
  • Correct spelling. Linguistically speaking, it is no doubt that a dictionary could help us out in knowing the proper spelling of words. In this connection, it will guide us in writing a word or phrase.

Truly, a dictionary is of great help to everyone especially to students who are learning a language. It is also helpful in enriching our vocabulary. So, remember to bring a dictionary with you.

Dictionary project — Kuhio Elementary School

August 29, 2018

The Rotary Club of Waikiki donated a Student's’ Dictionary to all third grade students and teachers at Kuhio Elementary School. Waikiki Rotarians President, Stephen Morgan and PP, Joe Gedeon, talked about Rotary and the good work we do in our community, gave a short tutorial on the importance of using a dictionary and proceeded to tell the student on all the information they can learn from this wonderful learning tool. The Rotary Club of Waikiki has participated in the Dictionary Project since 2004. It’s always a great day to share the love of reading and this great dictionary to the students at Kuhio Elementary School.

School supplies delivered

July 31, 2018

As you can imagine, there are many barriers to homeless children getting a good education and obtaining proper school supplies should not be one of them.

At the School Supply Drive at WalMart we collected $1027.61 which was used to purchase 109 backpacks which were stuffed by Paul McGillicuddy, Stephen Morgan, Ikko Tomita, Nora Chen, Patti Mitchell and Lisa Ahmed and were delivered on 31 July.

School supplies were donated to: Kalihi Kai Elementary, Waikiki Elementary, Tripler Fisher House and to The Hawaiʻi Homeless Outreach and Medical Education (HOME) at the John A. Burns School of Medicine. Providing supplies for the kids at the Kakaʻako Family Assessment Center, the Oneluaena and Onemalu Shelters in Kalaeloa, the Waianae Paiʻolu Kaiaulu Shelter, and the IHS Women’s and Children’s Shelter. And 3 backpacks for 3 special grandkids of the cashier where Lisa purchased the backpacks – A really neat act of kindness.

School Supply Drive at Walmart – Keeaumoku, Honolulu

July 28, 2018 | 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

SUCCESS! What a GREAT day to have a School Supply Drive to help Children in Need for a better Education.

The Rotary Club of Waikiki was in full force at Wal-Mart Keeaumoku to help collect school supplies for children in need. We want to sincerely thank the amazing and generous Wal-Mart Shoppers who made this project a HUGE success. We have never seen so many contribute from their hearts to give to this wonderful project.

We also thank our faithful volunteers; without our volunteers and our project chair Paul McGillicuddy we could not have accomplished this extraordinary task.

We collected a large suburban SUV full of school supplies and collected over $1,000 in cash. With the cash, 109 backpacks were purchased and packed with school supplies. The school supplies were given to The H.O.M.E Project, Kalihi Kai Elementary School, Waikiki Elementary School, and Fisher House at Tripler.