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I will strive towards helping our club focus and achieve our common goals, and, I ask each of you Fellow Waikiki Rotarians to help me along the way.

  1. Help guide our club, officers, committee chairs and members to work together to meet club our current years goals, as well as make meaningful progress on our strategic goals as set forth in our 3-year strategic plan, which will be published and distributed later this month.
  2. Help to continue to create a fun and enlightening environment at our meetings with meaningful programs, while growing our membership throughout the year.
  3. Involve and engage all club members in our community service projects, district and club level training, club activities, giving, etc. to "Engage Rotary, Change Lives", our theme for this year!

We walk this path together and together we will grow and support our community and Rotary in the coming year.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Definition of success

(as defined by the Board of Directors)

 Aim for  Examples of milestones
 More member Rotarians  10 new members
 No debt  $50,000+ or $30,000 net proceeds from FoodFest
 Focus on Waikiki  4 Signature service projects
 Connect to partners  2 social events with other clubs/groups
 Participation  Increase # at projects # participants in committees
 Give recognition  Something "special" each month
 Great meetings  75%+ monthly attendance average

To achieve this vision, the expectations of Rotary Club of Waikiki Rotarians are:

  • Pay bi-annual club membership dues on time (July 1st and Jan 1st)
  • Sell or purchase a minimum of 2 tickets ($100/each) for the Waikiki International FoodFest
  • Make a Gift to the Rotary Foundation by February 1st
  • Attend 50% or more of weekly Waikiki Club meetings and aim for 90% attendance including make-up meetings
  • Participate in service events and club social events per year
  • Actively serve in a leadership role on a current club standing committee
  • Identify and propose new members

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